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Most of the courses around focus mostly on theory ? here you will Learn how to build real-life projects from the beginning to distribution using multiple technologies beginning from HTML5 and CSS3 to AngularJs, php, Ruby on Rails, Firebase, node Js and ionic framework for mobile

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Build you own Personal Website (FREE)

Single page Website + MailChimp

You definitely want to build your personal website, everything you need is to build a landing page to present your business or maybe you want to capture email signups and drive traffic to your site while focusing on building your startup business.

  • You will :
    • Build a simple Personal Website
    • Make it Responsive for mobile, tablet & desktop
    • Embed MailChimp code for email marketing strategy
    • Apply basic SEO techniques
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build a Wikipedia clone with angularJS and Rails (FREE)

The goal of this course is to guide you through the creation of a Wikipedia clone using Rails 4 and AngularJS.

  • You will :
    • Gain a basic understanding of Rails and AngularJS
    • using Rails to build a JSON REST API that interacts with an AngularJS frontend.
    • Styling with CSS using Bootstrap twitter framework
    • Learn using the wonderful ui-router library.
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build a Stock Manager Application ($35)

In this course you will build a PHP based web application that allows you to manage your invoicing and inventory using a free admin panel template (AdminLTE) and a php framework (Laravel).

  • You will :
    • Learn PHP, HTML, CSS in REAL projects
    • Learn to use an Admin panel template in your projects
    • Use a PHP framework to develope faster
    • Learn to make a printing template for the invoices
    • Deploy your application on a Web Hoster to share it online with your business team
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build a Real-Time Slack clone ($39)

Web Aplication + Multi platform App + Multi mobile platforms App

The objective of this tutorial is to direct you through the creation of a Slack clone called TeamManager. Upon finalization, you will discover how to develop a real time collaborative discussion application using angularFire to integrate Firebase with AngularJS, distributed as a desktop application for multi platforms using NWJS, make the mobile application with ionic Framework for multi mobile platforms.

  • You will :
    • Learn HTML, CSS, jQuery in REAL projects
    • Use Chrome Developper Tool to inspect HTML CSS
    • Authenticating Users using angularFire
    • Adding Messaging Functionality
    • Securing Your Data with Security Rules
    • Distributed as a Desktop Application for multi platforms using NWJS
    • Make the mobile application with ionic Framework for multi mobile platforms
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And there will be always more courses coming

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